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Sometimes a charity knows it’s not maximising its fundraising potential but doesn’t know what to do about it. Similarly, a company can sense its charity partnership isn’t benefiting the business, its staff or the charity as much as it could, but there’s no clear way of fixing the issue.

C3 can support you to implement an organisational step-change that will make a difference. We can analyse your current activities – giving staff at all levels the opportunity to have their say - benchmark these against your competitors and provide a practical action plan to improve the current situation. We’re not fans of boring old strategy documents that sit gathering dust on the office shelf. We also won’t make you reliant on our support. We prefer to provide you with guidance that can be implemented by your existing team for long term, sustainable change.

You’d be amazed how few days of our time you will need to give you the strategic advice that will make a difference so contact us today.

What our clients say


'It has been great working with you, I have certainly learnt lots.'

'[We] had never considered using a Fundraising Consultant previously and, as a smaller charity, we thought long and hard about investing in this way. However, Cath has delivered excellent value for money throughout her time with us.'

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