Interim Management


Leading a team to success requires talent, motivation and a little bit of ‘know how’


Having the right person to lead your fundraising function is vital. They need to motivate the fundraising team, expertly liaise with Trustees and senior staff, confidently represent the organisation externally and, most importantly, increase the charity’s income. Finding this person will, and should, take significant time and effort and, even when you find the right person, they are likely to be on a lengthy notice period – if they are as good as you think, their current employer isn’t going to be keen to let them leave early!

Many organisations make the mistake of thinking a fundraising team can simply ‘get through’ a period without a Head of Fundraising or Fundraising Director. A senior colleague may step in to become their line manager and one of the more ambitious team members may use the vacancy as an opportunity to take on extra responsibility. However, in our experience, it’s rarely very long before cracks begin to appear, issues occur, income is lost and/or complaints are received. Steering the fundraising ship is not as easy as it looks and the team can lose direction very easily.

C3 has vast experience of stepping into the shoes of outgoing Directors of Fundraising (however long those shoes have been empty) and bringing the pieces back together again. Most of the time, the team just needs a little direction and stability to get them back on track. We can also provide support around the recruitment and induction of the incoming postholder, ensuring they are up to speed in double-quick time. When we are involved, there’s no need for a settling in period. We’ll have your new Director of Fundraising increasing income in no time! Where needed, we can also provide ongoing mentoring support.

What our clients say


'It has been great working with you, I have certainly learnt lots.'

'[We] had never considered using a Fundraising Consultant previously and, as a smaller charity, we thought long and hard about investing in this way. However, Cath has delivered excellent value for money throughout her time with us.'

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